Are fears, doubts and clouded thinking holding you back in your life or career?

Be more decisive and banish negativity. Act with greater clarity and confidence. Empower yourself to succeed.

Hi, I’m Bea and I can help you develop the skills to achieve outstanding performance in your personal or professional life. To better organise your thinking, feeling, language and behaviour so that you’re totally focused on getting results.

I offer high-quality consultancy and training based on the technique of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It’s a well-established, highly-respected approach to human communication and personal development.

It’s time to discover the amazing benefits of NLP

It can help you see things more clearly, improve your decision making and find a direct path to success.

How NLP helped me

NLP enabled me to grow my small start-up into a nationally recognised brand that was eventually acquired by a major plc.

Without the power of NLP I would not have had the confidence, focus and drive to achieve this success as a business entrepreneur.

How NLP can help you
  • Adopt a more positive approach to life and work
  • Change or eliminate negative thinking and behaviours
  • Remove limiting beliefs and focus on opportunities rather than problems
  • Connect with people and build better relationships
  • Improve your problem solving, project management and communication skills


Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

A way of understanding how you can organise what you think, feel, say and do to improve your personal effectiveness – in your life or in your work. It’s like a ‘how to’ guide for your brain.

NLP will give you insights into the way our minds work, as well as providing you with processes and practices to improve the way you think, feel and behave. It’s used by many people to help them achieve their personal goals and enhance the quality of their lives. It’s also used by entrepreneurs and business leaders to improve their performance, including decision-making and leadership skills.

Learning NLP skills will empower you to
  • think more clearly
  • communicate more effectively
  • make your actions and responses more productive
  • identify goals and have the confidence and motivation to achieve them
The three pillars of NLP

NLP is based on three key concepts that drive the methodology:

Because we experience the world from a personal perspective, our responses to ideas, experiences, events and conversations are all subjective and informed by our senses. By understanding these subjective responses, we can modify our behaviour.

Our minds exist in two states: conscious and unconscious. Conscious thoughts are based on understanding and pre-conceptions. Unconscious thoughts can be innovative, imaginative and liberating. Using both your conscious and unconscious mind creates the perfect balance and enables you to be more effective.

NLP modelling is based on the idea of learning from the success of others. By understanding how a successful person has achieved success, for example their beliefs, attitudes and thought processes, we can replicate that model in our own lives and work.


Many leading business owners and executives use NLP to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

By embracing the principles of NLP you can develop your entrepreneurial and leadership skills, inspire your team to achieve excellence and take your business forward confidently.

Get your mindset right

As a business leader, you need to be able to think clearly, make good decisions and see the bigger picture. NLP will help you get your priorities right, manage your time more effectively and reality check your basic assumptions.

Develop your leadership skills

The performance of the people who work for you is vital to the success of your business. NLP can help you develop your leadership skills and get the best out of your team.

Build the customer relationship

So, you’ve made that important first sale. Now you need to make sure the customer comes back for more. And that means building a positive long-term relationship with them based on trust and confidence.

Effective Marketing

When you’re busy running a business, planning and implementing an effective marketing strategy can be a challenge. NLP can help you set priorities and target your marketing to achieve maximum response.

Sell better. Sell more.

Effective selling is about attention to detail. You may already know the basics. But you'll be amazed how much more effective you can be with the right mindset. That’s where NLP comes in.

Good housekeeping

Professionalism and diligence are key to the success of any business. NLP can help you be proactive in ensuring you trade profitably and with integrity.


NLP is about taking control of your life. By changing the way you think and act, you can stay focused on achieving your goals.

There may be just one issue that you need to address, for example something to do with your relationship or your job. Or you may feel that your whole life needs rebooting and rebalancing to give yourself direction and improve your overall personal effectiveness.

Whatever the challenges – large or small – NLP can help you overcome them and achieve a better quality of life.

Why NLP?

NLP can help you develop an extremely valuable life skill: to control the way you respond to people and situations. That personal control significantly increases your potential of achieving you aims and objectives, as well as giving you the confidence to grasp opportunities.

What NLP can do for you

It’s time to stop letting your problems and phobias hijack your thinking. Working together, we can use the power of NLP to help you:

  • confront and banish fears and anxiety
  • think positively
  • think ahead
  • think smart and lean
  • evaluate and make decisions
  • prioritise and manage your time more effectively
  • speak authoritatively and use words productively
  • de-clutter your mind and compartmentalise your thoughts
  • automate some decision making to conserve mental and emotional energy for resolving really important issues
  • be motivated and avoid procrastination
  • be persuasive
  • make yourself heard and understood
  • develop your communication and interpersonal skills
  • break compulsive habits and control addictive tendencies
  • deal with broken relationships
  • handle rejection
  • manage success
  • interact more positively with your boss or co-workers
  • have a healthy relationship with social media
  • manage your work-life balance.


My goal is simple: to give you the mental resources to identify your personal or career aims and achieve them.

Motivator, mentor, coach, guide, consultant, educator, communicator, encourager and enabler. I’m all of those things. But it’s my style and approach that make me different.

First and foremost, I’m totally straight talking. No jargon or buzzwords. Just a simple, ‘tell it like it is’ directness that’s focused on finding solutions and getting results.

Changing your life is never easy. It takes commitment and effort to conquer the fears and preconceptions that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential. But the rewards are priceless. And I will draw on all my expertise and experience to help you reap those rewards.

I’ve spent my own career confronting and overcoming the kind of fears and obstacles that get in the way of what we want. I worked in sales, achieving exceptional results in various sectors. Then I set up my own media distribution business, building it into a highly successful enterprise and finally selling it to a major player in the sector.

Now I have developed and refined a unique personal development programme based on proven techniques, combined with knowledge and skills gained from my own career and life.

I am a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and have studied NLP Business Strategies-Essential Business Skills for Success with Richard Bandler and John La Valle. I have highly-developed selling, time management, negotiation and presentation skills, and have successfully completed several key courses, including a Dale Carnegie Course for Public Speaking and Human Relations and a Robin Fielder course, Close that Sale. I have also completed courses in emotional intelligence and executive coaching.

I am dedicated to energising and inspiring you to take control and achieve whatever you want out of life.



It’s time to take control and get more out your life.

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You will be accompanied on that journey to a better and happier you.

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